The Mondrian

the mondrian hotel london

A modern day gingerbread house for local Hansels and Gretels, the Mondrian London is the aggressive new disco ball illuminating the Southbank neighborhood. The entrance opens to a scattered hive of seating areas and eclectic lounge spaces, the seeming handiwork of a billionaire outfitting his private jet. Our visit slipped into twilight over wine and a selection of snacks at the hotel's signature Sea Containers bar. With a view of the Thames, we settled in for a good catch up with a dear friend and fell into that rare space between cities filled with the best of both.


The Mondrian London:

the mondrian london hall the mondrian london taxidermy bird


A brief walk from The Mondrian will land you at the sensational Tate Modern. A visit to the atrium alone is worth it, but the recent renovation completed in 2016 has gifted rooftop enthusiasts with a 360 degree viewing deck atop the new 10-storey Switch House building. Sure, come for the art, but you absolutely won't want to miss the view.


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